I remember the story of garlic and onion? Story from indonesia tue tue time quite popular. After citer tue malaysia is not mistaken I start sinetron2 import from indonesia. Tue time right off okay again because we are not exposed to the way people do drama indonesia.
So if once in a while treat about okay as well. But when I was too busy last drama from indonesia jack dorang tue way for drama even approximately cam jack suddenly so boring. Eley right .. agak2 is woittt .. my glass was broken for the dramatic range. Falling ladder Jeng Jeng Jeng been completed .. I can be blah tue.
Had not come yet unsur2 superstition and error in drama2 dorang. But it is difficult sket coat I want to say dorang tue or run away from the path of Islam is not necessarily because of the drama and pelakon2 Islamic state. Look at the name of religion jack where you want to know what dorang. So I would be so tuduh2.
Well, even though such dorang drama2 I can not even blame dorang. Posted to import now? Who is monitored? Who's that look? Hah tue is wrong. People say if JAP demands, which are offering? Right? Lue Think for yourself.
Whatever the positive attitude of layankan gambar2 Nia Ramadhani after delivery. Pheww .. wooooooo I Gemok Cun Cun wooooo been fixed .. he is a natural beauty ..
Child's name he was Mikhayla Zalindra Bakrie, was born on 2 June 2012. June tue what huh? July ka june? I Tatau. I see the quotes I fathom June je write back. Muahaha. Nia Ramadhani Ceasar surgical birth is not normal beb.
If the operation had borne children were very difficult to thin but can. I just have to cut my stomach jaga2. Then takley wear a girdle. If you do not look bloated stomach later. When distended wanted to wear pants because it is not very Cun cam berboyot2 stomach. Whatever it is .. If I love skinny Gemok ka ka what is the case right. The important thin Gemok ka ka fixed Ramadhani Nia Cun. If I moan?