This boy was photographed in the embrace of two girls on the MRT. STOMPers were taken aback by the photo that has been circulating online. 

STOMPer Shin wrote:

"One is not enough, two is better.

"I came across this picture of a guy hugging two gals on MRT. 

"I was shocked as it is a public place and this guy should not behave like this in public. 

"What example is he setting for the kids? 

"He definitely has no qualms about his actions.

"Isn't bigamy illegal in Singapore?"

STOMPer Jason also commented: 

"I chanced upon this picture at a social network site.

"Apparently, this guy has two girls hugged on him in the public on a train. 
sumber :

"WOW! Looks at Singapore is getting more 'open'."